Interreligious Voices for Animal Compassion promotes advocacy and compassionate living on behalf of animals by engaging with a variety of religious, ethical, philosophical, and spiritual perspectives, recognizing that religion and spirituality play a significant role in shaping how humans understand and treat other living beings.

Our goal is to engage the hearts and minds of people of faith, scholars, faith leaders, and activists on issues facing non-human animals in order to expand the circle of compassion beyond human beings, and to empower faithful action.

What We Do

  • Build connections between people of faith, scholars, and activists in order to share ideas and resources, learn from each other, and do our work together
  • Encourage advocacy that articulates religious, philosophical, and ethical perspectives that advance compassionate treatment of animals
  • Provide resources that support and encourage the writing of sermons, liturgies, scholarly papers and publications, letters to the editor, and other forms of public witness and activism.
  • Host conferences and symposiums on animals and religion
  • Collaborate with other religious organizations and communities, as well as secular organizations, working on behalf of animals

Steering Committee



“By ethical conduct toward all creatures, we enter into a spiritual relationship with the universe.”

 ~ Albert Schweitzer




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